An unbearable sound made the sauce tremble right in front of me

Sindre?: Is this Sindre?

The group of Dongery was gathered around a squeeze table in Sindre GAMSTEN appartment in the middel of Oslogryta da suddenly WHAM; an explotion of terningkast fem shaked the whole appartment, made several Dongery members fall off their chair and into the mattress that Sindre THOUGHTFULLY had placed there in case of such an emergency.

WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT squeeked Damonso? We have never been like this before? Only in a few minutes gathered they their thoughts and came up with a plan. We must investigate said someone. Who?

They took out their shoes and opened the doors. Down the stairs they went. Down in the basement they found the source of the bang. It was a pony trapped inside one of the mailboxes trying to get out. Do you have the keys Sindre, for the mailbox, so we can make him come out? We are still waiting for the answer to this question.