Tall sound made the cups that dongery drinks from CRACK in several places and now it leaks water and other fluids

Boo-yah: It went like this, that explotion in the other article

As you know Dongery is fond of drinking water from bverage cup made of high quility Protopolytene 58 % sugar and no dangerys PVC material only organic cotton from Honda factory in japan don't even bother us with crap like that enymore. Life is life.

The explotion you read about in the other article? It broke all the cups in half.

So, what is Dongery gonna drink from now? DOn't worry. As you all know, the Dongery group is TRES CREATIF so it's no problem really. They just find something else to drink from. Drink from the river maybe? Or a toblerone package, you know the three-cantet stang looks like an idiot if you carry around one of those babies. So Dongery lies not there with a broken back, they are all right. Dongery is all right.