Dongery goes silk screen crazy for a whil.

A seagull for a new generation You can always expect high quality from dongeryproducts

The new thing among Dongery is to make silk sccreen art posters and media quality! Renting the silk screen tent inside felles verskstedet churchlike hall is sitting silkskreening to the large gold medal! Many Dongery guys are already experienced silkscreeners (we're mentioning in fleng Sindre Double-w Goks°yr AND Bendik Kaltenborn) but many others have long fartstid in not having any inexperience in silkscreening it for several Years!

This has ended now.

Gonna hang it on the wall

A large amount of silkish screens has been printed HARDLY against the paper, flat. This results in VIBRANT colors attatching themself to the fiber in a pattern of selfish art-like succes. Repeating this is making many posters from different opphavsmenn. Gonna hang it on the wall? You betcha!

A successfull exhibition is going to SVEITERSLAND and later this year also in norway Check It Out

If you are totally curios about Dongery Silk Screen or just stupid to walk around in en exhibition areal, go to these exhibitions and learn about yourself. Could be useful maybe when you are writing your autobiographical or just a Curriculum Vitaplex.