Most important one? Don't be a punker in the office.

This could easily be you There is always another way to do it

So it's a beutiful morning in the office. Ypu sit down and BAM there's and email from your boss. All your work is overdue. What you gonna do? We have tips for you. First of all make sure it's fresh yougurt inside the fridge. Step two: roll down your office. Step three: wakka wakka wakka. Step four: build a scooter. Step Four: comedy. It's really very easy to fool your boss into the dinig room. He is wearling a Leipsig and his face is what you want it to be. Where did you put that? It's on the desk. Very easy. Very conveenient. No scompiloo. No givee. Next step is to drag your boss into the office. A simple coffe invitation will do. Then suddenly BAAUG his face is covered with introduction of the calvinistic deterioraation. Who cares . You work in a different office now. SMile on your faces and lambada all around. Hand out business information to the competition and make a noise like nothing is happening. Sucses,